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IKEA Kitchens
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3 more for your money

I stumbled upon one more Superbowl commercial that I couldn’t find last night and two more that are pretty good! Here they are for your viewing pleasure!


Superbowl Post-game Blog

Here is my quick Superbowl XLIII wrap-up including two commercials.

I love when they super impose fake billboards on the stadium, but in Canada this year we had some fake CTV ads that were meant to look like the crowd flipping up signs to spell things. Kinda got lame after the 50th time Pittsburgh Steelers […]

Superbowl Kick-off Blog

Well the TV is on, the channel is NBC and Superbowl XLIII kick-off show is just ending.

Quick thoughts:

Faith Hill was amazing and looking good Jennifer Hudson almost made me cry singing the National Anthem, remembering what she has gone through this year I have goosebumps from the excitement in the stadium in […]

Loose Ends to Tight Ends

First some loose ends. I have been reminded on a number of occasions that I missed blogging an aspect of my life or let something important slip by so it is no longer timely. There are any number of reasons I may or may not blog something and here are two good examples that I […]

Not your typical Sunday

WOW so many random activities today!

First I woke up and without leaving my bed I watch a movie. Notes on a Scandal (2006) Rating:

Really good movie! A bit serious for a Sunday morning but I enjoyed it a lot. It was one that I always passed on in the video store because […]

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