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I ❤️ Coldplay!  Yup, I said it!

Carnival / Miss Universe

This was one of the many floats traveling the city tonight as part of the 5 day Carnival stretch in Belize. I liked it because it made me homesick for my friends in the Philippines.  I also enjoyed there were some drag queens, some mommas and some abuelas dancing!  Everyone being very authentic and having […]

Chicken Sh*t Bingo

#chicken #sh*t #bingo! Check out the blog post and video at (clickable link to blog in bio then add /?p=3164) #Belize #sanpedro

A photo posted by Neil Gordon (@eatinglifeup) on Feb […]

I love a rainy night!

What a great day at the cabin! I managed to finish my Home Depot order and that included my deck, shower, insulation, tools, cement, soffit, facia, gutters… The list goes on! Should have most of it delivered by next week. The deck could possibly be on back order..

Then after a full work day I […]

Blood, Sweat & No Tears

WOW! What a hard working industrious day. The rain kept me indoors for cabin work and I assumed I would be spend the day sleeping. Was I ever wrong! I woke up after 1 hour and got right into renovating!

I accomplished many tasks today but the most remarkable was the demolition of the kitchen […]

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