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Not your typical Sunday

WOW so many random activities today!

First I woke up and without leaving my bed I watch a movie. Notes on a Scandal (2006) Rating: ★★★★☆
Notes on a Scandal

Really good movie! A bit serious for a Sunday morning but I enjoyed it a lot. It was one that I always passed on in the video store because the cover, title, and synopsis on the back always said “Don’t watch me”. I am glad I took the chance.

Then it was off to an amazing play with Bev. We saw “Three little birds”, Rating: ★★★★☆ an aboriginal play set on the reserve with a grandmother/mother, a daughter and a young father that breaks into the mother’s house with his baby. The play was very good, deep but light-hearted and at times very funny. However the highlight for me was getting to meet the lead actress Tantoo Cardinal. Tantoo is a huge name in aboriginal arts and I have seen so much of her work growing up.
Tantoo Cardinal

Then I was off to watch the Grey Cup game (Canadian Football Final to those abroad). I headed to the bar and the local casino and ended up making friends with two fun ladies and sharing my nachos with them. We came together because I was cheering Montréal and they were cheering Calgary. So I went over to their table, hit it off, and never left. Turns out that I work with one of their son’s roommate LOL Such a small world. I was very sad when Calgary won the Grey Cup but honestly I wasn’t really attached to Montréal either. I was more in it for the game period.
Montréal Alouettes

Then after loosing so much at the Casino I won BIG and left. As I was leaving I got a call on my cell from across the road. My friend Marco from Calgary was in town and wanted to hang out. So I walked over and we went to the pub there. I was very happy to see that the NFL game was on in the pub so I got my second fill of football for the day and this time I was pumped because the Indianapolis Colts WON THE GAME in the final two seconds! *HIGH FIVE TO JIMMY*
Indianapolis Colts

Then Marco convinced me to go back to the casino for the second time that day where I lost a tonne but then in the final two seconds of the night WON even bigger than the first trip to the casino.

Phewww so much for a chill at home Sunday I had planned for but I wouldn’t have written the day any other way! Now for bed.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  • That hunk of a kicker came through. Do Canadians
    call Native North Americans aboriginals? Of course, we call them Indians, which is not a favored term among Native Americans (I am part Cherokee).

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    admin Reply:

    There are a few terms we use:
    -First Nations
    -Native Americans
    and of course the less preferred term Indians.

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