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My Proposal

Bev, Michelle, and I just got back from…

The Proposal (2009) Rating:

REALLY good movie, I even cried in it LOL. Well perhaps it was sunscreen in my eye, I am not sure. Regardless I really enjoyed the movie and it left me with two major feelings.

1) I want to fall madly in […]

5 stars wasn’t enough

Angels & Demons (2009) Rating:

I normally rate movies out of 5 stars but I enjoyed Angels & Demons so much tonight I have to use 10 so I can give 95% rating!

The movie was just as good as I had hoped it would be! Lots of great storyline, good action, good acting. […]

Knowing Duplicity

Wow lucky enough to catch two great movies playing in theatres this week.

Knowing (2009) Rating:

This movie I saw with Lesley and Michelle. At first the movie was really getting to me. I have talked about my non tolerance for “Irrationality” before on the blog. It is the one thing that really can […]

the Holiday

WOW I think I have to give this movie a 5 star rating!

The Holiday (2006) Rating:

Even more surprising is I am giving a movie that has Jack Black in it 5 stars! I think I always wanted to see this movie and actually kept putting it off because he was in it. […]

The InternationzZZzzzz…

Just got back from the press screening of “The International” (2009) Rating:

It started out a great movie, what appeared to be a great plot. From that moment on the movie was OK. A couple of surprising scenes but then we got into a number of scenes that really needed to be tightened up. […]

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