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Rainbow Sprinkles

So if you didn’t know I arrived in Calgary, Alberta yesterday and will be here till Sunday evening. I am down for two days of work and two days of personal fun time with friends.

My road trip down was very eventful. I think partially because I was still sleeping until about Red Deer. […]

Home & Boyfriend show?

This weekend I had an awesome day at the Home & Garden show in Edmonton! Like most things in my life this too was a spur of the moment plan. The day started with me thinking West Edmonton Mall, but quickly changed.

Hubba Hubba! If you want to see a plethora of hunky men […]

Miguel & Taco Bell

Good things happen out of the blue. After hanging up the phone with Bev talking about spur of the moment ideas this post seemed rather relevant.

Today I wanted to have lunch with a friend. So I logged onto my MSN, saw Miguel and called him up. Easy as that. I picked up Taco Bell, […]


Yo freaky freaks! EatingLifeUp’s camera here! I can’t believe he told the whole world that I had a few viruses.

I mean what’s so bad about a Trojan and who can’t handle the odd worm. My favorite worms are the ones saturated with Tequila!

I saw in the comments on that post that Nick suggested […]

My camera is sick!

Not because it is just so awesome that you would say “Man that camera is sick!”

Not because it takes perverted pictures from time to time.

Nope, while those two reasons might also be true my camera was sick with a virus. Three viruses to be more exact, two different worms and a Trojan. My […]

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