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Home & Boyfriend show?

This weekend I had an awesome day at the Home & Garden show in Edmonton! Like most things in my life this too was a spur of the moment plan. The day started with me thinking West Edmonton Mall, but quickly changed.

Hubba Hubba! If you want to see a plethora of hunky men go to the Home & Garden show in your city! Normally I am a super fast walker but that day I felt bad for Lesley & Michelle. They were constantly leaving me behind because I was experiencing Stud whiplash or finding reasons to go talk to people in their booths! It wasn’t all Buffsters and Adonises though, there was some pretty cool product there as well.

Since I live in an apartment and don’t exactly have a home or a garden there was still plenty of neat things to check out, lots of freebies, and draws to enter. There were also lots of things to dream about for my future home and ideas for things I would like to do to the cabin.

However I must admit there were more things there I would like to do in the cabin…

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  • Michelle M.

    That explains why you kept stopping at random booths, I thought you really wanted some new insulation! I have to agree, there were many many fantastic looking men…I mean products to look at. You know me, I like the guys who can fix stuff so I was like a kid in a candy store.

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