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Miguel & Taco Bell

Good things happen out of the blue. After hanging up the phone with Bev talking about spur of the moment ideas this post seemed rather relevant.

Today I wanted to have lunch with a friend. So I logged onto my MSN, saw Miguel and called him up. Easy as that. I picked up Taco Bell, we had a good visit and it was awesome to hang out for a bit.

  • Plug for Taco Bell: The Caramel Apple Empanadas are AMAZING! Why didn’t people think about putting caramel in those things sooner? I wonder what my delicious McD’s apple pies would taste like with a hint of caramel?

Next you won’t believe because I still can’t believe it!!! You know how sometimes you put on a pair of clothes and find a $5 or maybe a $20 bill in the pocket and and you are so excited? Well today I put on my leather jacket before I went for lunch. The inside pocket felt funny. Upon further inspection $85!!!!!!!!!! I have no clue why I put that in there or when! The stupid thing is it had to be fairly recent because I have been wearing that jacket quite a bit lately. Hmmmmm regardless it is one gift from the universe I gladly accept!

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