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Rainbow Sprinkles

Vanilla Dip Rainbow Sprinkles

So if you didn’t know I arrived in Calgary, Alberta yesterday and will be here till Sunday evening. I am down for two days of work and two days of personal fun time with friends.

My road trip down was very eventful. I think partially because I was still sleeping until about Red Deer. That was my first stop to get gas for the car and my body. I am no longer a big fan of donuts and don’t really remember when that change occured. However I figured I needed a jolt so I pull into Tim Horton’s and ordered a “Rainbow Sprinkle donut”. The lady said “So a Vanilla Dip?”. I said “If that’s a Rainbow Sprinkle”. She said “One Vanilla Dip coming up, please proceed to the next window”. I wondered to myself, “what does she have against rainbows…”

I had another realization that I was still sleeping when I saw the following road sign…
End Construction
This was a tremendous surprise to me because I’ll be damned if I can remember when Construction started!!!

Then I was driving down the highway at 120 km / hr and I decided to take off my coat. Well I think this was the first time I have attempted this feat at that speed. Apparently 18 inch wheelbases don’t like sudden jerks of the wheel at 120 km / hr. My car went up on two wheels, down, up on the other two wheels, and then back down. I swear my heart stopped!

Final fun moment of the trip was listening to 91.7 The Bounce (An Edmonton Radio Station) from 7:45 ish – 8:45 ish. They were “stalking” an old lady that catches the bus everyday in front of their building. The goal was to find out where she goes everyday for the past 3 years they have been watching her. They were creating so much hype about it I couldn’t bare to not find out the answer. However I was getting closer and closer to Calgary and that meant I was loosing my radio signal!

I kept freaking out because they were teasing us and not giving the answer. So they played their “Pick of the day” song and said the answer would be “coming right up after the pick of the day”. So I grabbed my cell phone and texted them “LOVE the Pick! Now tell us about the old lady! I am almost in Calgary and am loosing the signal! Neil”. When the song ended my text message was the very first one they read on air. I was very excited. Even more excited when Nick texted me that he heard the message and new it had to be me that sent it!

Turns out the signal faded to complete fuzz before the old lady answer. So I phoned Nick and he held his phone up to the radio for me.

I bet now you want to know what the old lady does every day don’t you???

The answer will be in my next post… LOL >:-)

10 comments to Rainbow Sprinkles

  • becca

    Hi Neil!!!!

    I sent you an email, did you get it? It’s ok if you don’t like it :)
    What’s this going to Calgary business…I miss you too much, sorry I hung up suddenly on our last conversation, Bones is doing much better.


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    admin Reply:

    Yep I did, and I replied earlier this morning. Miss you too and Yay for Bones!

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  • Nick

    You’re just a bad of a tease as the radio station 😛 But I know the secret! And I also know what we learned about her today, as well as what happened when she found out Dylan was from the radio station and was broadcasting their progress…

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    Nick Reply:

    P.S. I think I want a donut.. thanks.

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    admin Reply:

    LOL I think that I want another one too, something about all those crunchy Sprinkles I can’t get enough of when the craving starts. Or maybe this is me making up for not seeing Ben Affleck this week.

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    admin Reply:

    OMG Now who is the tease! I guess before my next post I will have to phone you and find out the new scoop on the bus stop lady!

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  • Michelle M.

    You’re mean, but I still love you. What is it about a mystery than can just get everyone so worked up. Can’t wait to hear the scoop. Have fun in Calgary and drive home safe on Sunday…no sleeping!

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  • Lesley

    Yyyuuummm…rainbow sprinkles. And yes I agree with you Neil that this has a much better ring to it than “vanilla dipped”.

    Oh and promise me you’ll drive safer on the way home. 2 suggestions – 1 stay awake behind the wheel and 2 use all four tires to maneuver the roads please. For the sake of your heart and mine please :)

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  • Hey I like your blog. I also have a blog. I’d love if you’d follow my blog.

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  • Bev

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Rainbow Sprinkle donut. I rarely eat donuts but when I do, I usually opt for something chocolate.

    Love the comment “what does she have against rainbows” LOL

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