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My camera is sick!

Not because it is just so awesome that you would say “Man that camera is sick!”

Not because it takes perverted pictures from time to time.

Nope, while those two reasons might also be true my camera was sick with a virus. Three viruses to be more exact, two different worms and a Trojan. My guess is it did some unprotected docking with some sleazy computers in Peru. It was nothing serious that my Virus software on my computer couldn’t handle but none the less I thought I would take this opportunity to offer you all a reminder.

Any camera, USB thumb drive, external hard drive, mp3 player, digital picture frame, basically anything that shows up as a drive when you attach it to your computer is a threat. From time to time you should have them scanned by your virus software to ensure they are healthy.

These little devices get around and you wouldn’t want to have to phone every computer you have docked with and tell them that they might be infected. It would be a good practice to scan them whenever you get home after docking with any computer they don’t have a committed relationship with.

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