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Preempted and worth the wait!

Dang politics always preempting my favorite shows. Luckily this time I was home to witness the preemption. Nothing worse than coming home to watch your favorite show you recorded only to see a speech from the White house recorded instead. So after I watched some of the Democrat convention (I just couldn’t stop marveling at […]


So much going on right now and don’t know where to begin so I think I will write this catch-up post in the updates style:

Big Brother Updates:

Sunday’s HoH competition was honestly the funniest HoH I have ever seen. I don’t know why and I almost feel guilty for loving it so much! This […]


So as a vegetarian McDonald’s doesn’t offer that same variety that it did when I was a meatetarian. Now, when I succumb to the power of the of the golden arches I have a pretty standard order of “A large Sprite, large fries, and two apple pies”. Today however was a bit different and I […]

Good Kisser, Bad Kisser?

Are you a good kisser?

I recently asked someone this question and as soon as I asked it I realized I don’t think they are qualified to answer that question. If you ask anybody what they like best about kissing, the answers are very different.

Think back to the different people that you have […]

London Travel Tip

So you are going to London and are looking for some tips and tricks:

“Piccadilly Circus” is a great tube stop on the “Circle Line” to get off at if you want to just branch off in any direction for some walking. From here you are near the river, near Buckingham Palace, and near Trafalgar […]

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