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Preempted and worth the wait!

Dang politics always preempting my favorite shows. Luckily this time I was home to witness the preemption. Nothing worse than coming home to watch your favorite show you recorded only to see a speech from the White house recorded instead. So after I watched some of the Democrat convention (I just couldn’t stop marveling at what a captivating speaker Hillary was, the energy in the speech was contagious) Big Brother finally came on.

So we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Power of Veto competition and ceremony tonight! Memphis wins POV hands down! I could barely stay sitting on the couch watching him fly across the screen. Then Dan! Dan, Dan, Dan! What an amazing play to set the house on fire and play his POV roulette game. Memphis used the POV to take himself off the block and then Dan made each house guest say who they wanted to go up. Michelle said Keesha, Ollie said Renny, Keesha said Michelle and Renny said Ollie. Hurray! Renny won’t like Ollie so much now 🙂 Then swooping in and breaking his deal with Ollie, Dan puts Michelle up on the block.

So this means that either Jerry or Michelle is going home on Thursday and from a spoiler clip I saw on the internet earlier today (when I was looking for that HoH video to show you) OLLIE loses his mind! You saw a bit of it tonight with Ollie throwing the lollipop at the cameras and then going outside and dumping over that flowerpot looking thing by the patio doors. The heat is going to be on and in a perfect world I could only hope that he gets so vicious that Thursday, for the double eviction, Michelle goes home followed directly by Ollie.

Like my friend Nick said to me today, it be awesome to see the four person alliance go to the end and then see how they choose to turn on each other.

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3 comments to Preempted and worth the wait!

  • Nick

    Even though Ollie is freaking out, at least he is finally doing something. It took long enough to get him active in the game. Now I doubt we can have any more episodes where we forget he even exists… I was originally thinking it would be great if Dan put Ollie up to replace Memphis but this is more of a slap in the face I think. Good job Dan! 😀 And I only saw a couple minutes of Hilary’s speach but thought she sounded and looked great.

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  • What do our friends to the north think of this three-ring circus/soap opera of an election year we Yanks (do Canadians call us Yanks?) are serving up? Joe Biden is speaking as I write this. Blog post to come.

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    admin Reply:

    I must admit that I don’t follow it too much, I was following it earlier but somewhere along the line I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t already over so I tuned out. Hillary sure caught my attention the other night though. Her speech was so rocking! I am definitely hoping for Obama.

    So those were my opinions, as for all your friends to the North, I have to say that many of them watch very closely. They have strong opinions, and a keen interest because our two countries are attached. Whatever happens there affects here and vice versa.

    PS I think we tend to use the term Americans more. I know I never say Yank.

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