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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

My favorite season!

So I have decided Fall is here! I know it isn’t supposed to start until around September 20th but the weather and the trees beg to differ. I am totally OK with this because Fall has always been my favorite time of year!

The fact that it is starting now excites me because that […]

Eagle vs Sh…

So I have had a very productive morning! I was inspired by a post that Michael did on boredom, pictures of Davey’s simplistic apartment and & photos of Jakey’s spotless bedroom. So I did two loads of laundry, did the dishes, steam cleaned my bedroom, cleaned the bathroom, and cleaned my back shed all by […]

Sex and the Movie

Final Sex and the City status:

So after watching the entire series from start to finish my friend Bev and I went to see “Sex and the City the movie (2008) Rating: ”

I definitely got a lot more out of the movie the second time around because all of the characters and past story […]

…And another one bites…

Another one bites the dust! Two to be exact!

So in my last Big Brother 10 update I stated my wishes for tonight’s DOUBLE EVICTION episode.

The heat is going to be on and in a perfect world I could only hope that he gets so vicious that Thursday, for the double eviction, Michelle goes […]

The Truth About Love

No sadly I don’t know the real truth about love and I am not about to impart it to you.

Instead I bring you a movie review…

The Truth About Love (2004)Rating:

This British film with Jennifer Love Hewitt really hit the spot for me tonight. At first I thought it would be […]

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