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Sex and the Movie

Final Sex and the City status:

So after watching the entire series from start to finish my friend Bev and I went to see “Sex and the City the movie (2008) Rating: ”

I definitely got a lot more out of the movie the second time around because all of the characters and past story […]


So much going on right now and don’t know where to begin so I think I will write this catch-up post in the updates style:

Big Brother Updates:

Sunday’s HoH competition was honestly the funniest HoH I have ever seen. I don’t know why and I almost feel guilty for loving it so much! This […]

Are you still hopeful?

Sex and the City Status:

So I am rather enjoying Season 5 of Sex and the City. Season 4 was starting to put me in a funk. This season is full of finding “Mr Right” type scenarios. You have the on again off again but still very deep love of Samantha with Richard. You have […]

Sunday Update

Welcome to readers from Belgium, Russia, and now Japan! 🙂

My roller coaster weekend:

Friday was great, then it got bad, then it got great again. Seemed that set the tone for weekend. Saturday I had my third chiropractor appointment so my back was feeling great, but then I went to the cabin and performed […]

Updates + Travel Tip #4

Welcome to readers from France, Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden and now Taiwan! 🙂

World Record Walk:

A couple days ago I found out that it is official! Canada set a new world record with 231,635 participants walking one kilometer simultaneously on October 3, 2007, 12:30 PM EDT. I was one of 23 co-workers that were part […]

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