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So as a vegetarian McDonald’s doesn’t offer that same variety that it did when I was a meatetarian. Now, when I succumb to the power of the of the golden arches I have a pretty standard order of “A large Sprite, large fries, and two apple pies”. Today however was a bit different and I am so glad it was!

Today I had just come from a delightful trip to 7-11 with a friend of a friend that was visiting here from Australia. At 7-11 I ordered a large Slurpee (aka Frosty, Slush, Froster, Icey, basically a cold snow like pop beverage). So because I already had a drink it caused a welcome glitch to my McDonald’s order.

I pulled up to the drive through window and ordered with a smile “A large fries and two apple pies“. Typed out doesn’t quite do it justice so I suggest you click here to listen to how I ordered. As I said it giggles bubbled up in my voice. Then the man in the speaker repeated back to me with just as many giggles “A large fries and two apple pies”.

Not sure what was in the air but this simple rhyme had us both acting a little crazy. It got even better when I please proceeded up to the first window and he leaned out laughing and said “I don’t know how to tell you this but ‘we’ve got the fries, just no apple pies‘”.

I know, plain old silly and barely blogable but I did so in the hopes you could share in our McGiggles!

24 hour McDonalds sign in the Czech Republic

24 hour McDonald's sign in the Czech Republic. A few countries in Europe will say NON STOP instead of 24 hour

4 comments to McGiggles

  • Tod

    Very Funny!

    Happy people beget happiness. Even in a small way it can’t be beat. NON STOP!

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  • I love how you ordered. That is a riot! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Just this weekend I was thinking about how I miss my standard two plain cheeseburgers, fries and a Dr Pepper. That was my power meal. I loved it! Of course I then gave up red meat and soda so the meal just wasn’t the same.

    I drive by and think, maybe it is time to welcome soda and red meat back into my life. I end up driving away to remain healthy BUT I miss that DAMN meal. 🙂

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    admin Reply:

    Ya I cut the soda (Pop in Canada) out of my diet as well 9 months ago when I cut meat and caffeine from my diet. I am going strong with the vegetarianism and don’t miss meat at all. Like you said thought I miss things that are more tradition than the actual item. I too miss ordering two cheeseburgers so I have tried in those cases to swap in new traditions.

    It was only in the past couple of months that I slip in the odd soda as a treat but considerably less than before.

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