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I’ll take your morning, but not your paper

Morning everyone! So I figured it was time for another polling question.

You know those people that stand on the street offering up their free newspaper? Depending on your city it will be called “24” or “Metro” or something similar. Usually about a 10 page paper written in a short spunky type of format.


Hot or Not?

So in my many posts about Henry VIII and “The Tudors” it came to my attention that some people are mixed about whether or not Jonathan Reyes Myers is uber hot, just hot, or not? I think he is an uber cutie! So I thought I would throw up a couple photos and put a […]

Meat me out back

So it happened! I ATE MEAT!

NOT because I wanted to, but because it was fed to me without my knowledge. It was only 1.5 bites but it still urked me. I went to a popular Italian restaurant in downtown Edmonton for lunch with some co-workers and ordered the gnocchi with pesto. Knowing full […]

New Kids? Really?

LOL crazy turn of events today. I went to the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) concert tonight. My friend Matt phoned me up and invited me last minute. My head screamed NOOOooooo! But in the end I found myself saying yes.

I had a good time but WOW long concert it didn’t let out […]

Scruff Meter!

Still suffering from some jet lag from being out East, my morning routine was slower than normal and since my routine allows NO room for error something had to give this morning. What lost the priority war today was shaving!

I had already let it go the day before which I do from time to […]

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