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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Symphony in “A”da

Today is yet another beautiful day in Edmonton!

While out running my errands in the Sunny Zero Degree weather I stopped to visit with my friend Michelle. (who had 3D glasses for me so I can watch “Chuck”)

Since my skates were in the back of the car we had a spur of the moment […]

Not so Bright Nights

So remember back a month or so I did a blog post on how the human body is built to forget pain? Well tonight was another perfect example of that fact…

I have been to the winter light festival put on in Hawrelak park in our river valley before and swore to myself I would […]

It’s F’ Fest time

I am writing this post as a tribute to my friends that are about to enjoy a 4 day festival of music in the Edmonton river valley known as Folk Fest. They all know that I am happy for them that it is Folk Fest time but at the same know that I DO NOT […]

Heritage Days

Today I attended the 33rd annual showcase of Canada’s vibrant multicultural heritage. (Also known as Heritage Days) They have 60 pavilions representing over 75 cultures from all over the world. It is probably my favorite festival in Edmonton because it is so diverse. Also the food is amazing!

I went with my 15 month old […]

My Walk to Work

Most mornings I walk to work through the Edmonton River Valley. I wanted to share with everyone the beauty of the walk I get to enjoy each day! I was grateful this morning for the opportunity to take these pictures for you because this morning I saw things that I pass by each day but […]

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