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My Walk to Work

Most mornings I walk to work through the Edmonton River Valley. I wanted to share with everyone the beauty of the walk I get to enjoy each day! I was grateful this morning for the opportunity to take these pictures for you because this morning I saw things that I pass by each day but apparently I needed to have a camera in hand to see their beauty.

My decent into the river valley
My decent into the river valley

The roots that make natural stairs that guide me through the mud without slipping or twist my ankles when I am in a hurry

The bike path I walk on

I hadn’t ever noticed these until this morning with my camera

This is the foot bridge that I cross the river on each morning if I walk or when I ride to work

The Edmonton Queen, a paddle boat that you can book for parties on the river.

This is the view through the bridge, everynow and then it creeps me out seeing the water running below me

The garden in the next photo is full of different varieties of Roses like this one.

This picture doesn’t begin to describe the powerful smell of roses I get to enjoy each morning on the many switchbacks through the rose garden

Cute little chipmunk said hello this morning on my walk

Asian inspired bridge in the pagoda park. The bridge is surrounded by all the figures from the Chinese Zodiac. This one is the year of the Sheep / Ram (My year)

The Year of the Monkey and the Year of the Rooster / Cock

This flower is the reason I walked to work this morning with my camera. I saw it yesterday and was mezmorized by it and wanted to come back today to share it’s magnificent colors with everyone.

Another odd variety of Lily

These tall poplars that line roads or paths take me back to Italy. There are two spots on my morning journey that feature them and I enjoy them for the memories they trigger

Last photo of the series, facing across the river to the four pyramids in the Edmonton River Valley. After this I hike out of the river valley and end up on Jasper Ave, the main street in Edmonton’s downtown core.

I hope you enjoyed walking to work with me today!

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