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The Edmonton Queen - The Final Voyage
I just got back from seeing the theatre production of
“The Edmonton Queen – The Final Voyage” Rating: ★★★★½

The performance was fabulous and I am so glad I didn’t miss it. Not only for the visually stimulating, artistic, sequin studded, flip-flip-folded experience of the theatre but more for the profound impact the show had on me.

While the show was about Darrin Hagen and Gloria Hole it managed to bubble to the surface many memories deep within myself from my own past. There were a couple times in the story that I had to snap out of my trance and pull back so I could pay attention. If it wasn’t my own memories taking me away, I was lost in the Big A*s Texas hair, the magical make-up, or the seemingly liquid dress.

I wasn’t part of the Flashback fun where this story was set, but I still have The Roost and Buddy’s memories of the last minute outfit planning over web cams, the planned arrivals and approaches to the bar, and the friends that were so important in that time frame.

I am afraid to name them for fear of missing someone, but the ending of “The Edmonton Queen” made me want to try and give a shout out to the pivotal people that shaped me in my “Early Bar daze”.

Glen, Spacey, Ed, Evan, Trisha, Josh, Robbie, Graham, The Mich, Matt, Marco, BigBalls, Alan, Karey, Steve, David, Alistair, Shawn, Chylde, Sticky Vicky, Weena Luv, Chris, Manny, Dave, Michael, James, Nathan, Christopher, Curtis, JP, Marcella, Natasha, Marty, Corey, Ryan, Jeff, Danny, Laurie, Rob, Chelsea, John…

That list I know isn’t exhaustive, but I tried to keep it to the early days. Some are still friends today, some will always be friends, some have been de-friended, and others have passed on. If you are a friend in my life right now and aren’t listed, you are shaping my life as I continue transforming and I thank you for that!


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  • Bev

    This was my fourth time seeing The Edmonton Queen and I loved it as much this time as the first time I saw it. I am a big fan of Darrin’s work and have seen many of his shows over the years. This show remains a favourite of mine, I guess, because it was the first one I saw. I never get tired of seeing it.

    I am so glad you enjoyed it Neil. I knew that you would.

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  • Michel

    Weena Luv made very generous drinks if memory serves me right.

    It’s been a good ride, I’M glad we’re still on it 😉


    ps: why crazy people kick things is an excellent question

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    admin Reply:

    Weena Luv was a dang good bartender! You are right about that.

    I’m glad we are still on the ride too buddy! Also glad that you are someone I would still include on the list today.

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