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The lash stand!


Why did 8 of my eyelashes from my right eye all decided to fall out today? Do I need that many wishes? Did the frosticles from Jasper have anything to do with it?


Why is it OK to walk in the rain, but heaven forbid a giant drop that has been building up falls from something and hits your head?


Why in a province where people hardly ever use an umbrella did so many people happen to have one at the bus stop today on January 29th?


Why haven’t I found the right moment or line to ask the cute guy at the bus stop out? Is rejection that scary? Do I secretly not like him? What do you say “Your hot, mysterious, well man-scaped and metrosexual dressing, wanna date?


Why do crazy people tend to kick things?


Are cheap hair cuts twice as often for $20 better than expensive ones for $40 once a month?

2 comments to The lash stand!

  • Nick


    1. Are you crazy? You can never have too many wishes :) Just wish for more eyelashes while your at it.

    2. That giant drop feels like someone/something invading your personal space, and besides, its usually really cold! Then it runs down your face, no fun.

    3. How come I didn’t bring my umbrella is a better question 😛

    4. Just do it! Worry later if you don’t like him deep down. Maybe you’ll find you do like him instead :)

    5. Because they are crazy. Crazy ninjas that jump out from who knows where to entertain you while you wait for the bus.

    6. I don’t think so because with two bad haircuts your hair may always look awkward or chopped up while one good one may cause random people to ask you through the month, “did you just get a haircut?” because it still looks that good.

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  • Michelle M.

    1. Maybe something extra special is about to happen and it needed the power of more than one eyelash to get it done…I have my fingers crossed that is a real gooder.

    2. I would never have quessed you wrote this before the giant dive bombing drops at Westmount last night…to funny. I think the big ones just don’t feel friendly like a nice rain does, it feels like they are attacking you.

    3. I actually wondered the same thing. It is January 29th people what are you doing with an umbrella? Although after I saw my hair when I got home I realized they were the smart ones.

    4. I can’t say anything here, ’cause I am just a big ole chicken inside. I wish I had some magic words of wisdom.

    5. I will never understand this either, but I have to admit that I have injured myself on more than one occasion in a crazy fit or anger.

    6. I would rather spend my money on something good and have it last than waste it on something bad over and over again…but that’s just me.

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