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Don’t stand behind the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gung hei faat coi!

That is how I started out my day today. It was a bit of surprise, I had no idea it was already upon us.

We are now into the year of the Ox. Being that I am born the year of the Sheep/Goat apparently this isn’t supposed to be the easiest year for me. However it seems to be traditionally know as a year of slow and steady progress with some hard work or challenges along the way.

After consulting with a friend of mine in Vancouver she reminded me that even though the Sheep is directly opposing the Ox, the horoscope warnings are mere warnings to be mindful. I can create my own luck, so can all of you, and I truly do believe that.

To prove I could take on the Ox I accepted my friend Tom’s challenge when he phoned me today after work. We set off to the Casino to cash in on some Chinese “Lucky Lucky”. I allotted myself $100 and 1.5 hours because I had to be home in time to catch “Bromance”. In the end I walked out with $175. :-)

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2 comments to Don’t stand behind the Ox

  • What game did you win on? I love poker (hold’em).

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    admin Reply:

    Well the Craps table wasn’t open yet, blackjack and roulette were full, so that night it was the slots that paid out. Wasn’t really any one machine either. As for poker, I love it too, however less in the casino poker rooms now, and more for fun online.

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