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Missing Cuba

I am not sure what caused it but since yesterday I have been missing Cuba and my families there so much! I will talk about Cuba lots on future visits to see them, but to set the background for people that aren’t familiar with my Cuban adventures I will explain quickly.

  • I have two families I consider my own in Central Cuba about 30 mins inland from the popular vacation destination of Varadero. I have been visiting and staying with these friends at their home and the homes of their extended family in various central Cuban cities, towns, and villages. This relationship has been going on for 3 years now and I treasure it greatly. They don’t speak any English and when I first met them I spoke no Spanish at all. Needless to say I learned really quick.

Normally when I miss them I sit down and compose an e-mail to them all or look at some photos of past visits. This wasn’t going to be enough this time, so yesterday I picked up the phone and started making some calls. This was probably my best attempt yet! It is never a good thing when I decide to phone Cuba because my Spanish isn’t great (getting much better), the phone connections aren’t the best, and it costs $0.99 a minute to “try” and talk with them.

I managed to talk with 3 different family members and through them I passed on my love, my kisses, and my hugs to everyone. I also got the good news that none of the 100 family & friends I have come to love over the years were affected by the recent hurricanes.

The phone calls took care of the human connection but after speaking with them the connection to the food of Cuba was stronger than ever! So I grabbed the Cuban national cookbooks they gave me as a gift on one of my stays and started translating some of the recipes. I have two picked out that I am going to try and make tomorrow. I had to drive across town with my friend Jordy to buy the Green Plantains and other supplies I needed. Then Jordy and I came back to my place and I made him Chicaritas (Fried thinly sliced plantain chips with salt). They are my favorite of all Cuba foods!

Especial Mujeres - Cocina Cubana (Special Women - Cuban Kitchen)

Especial Mujeres - Cocina Cubana (Special Women - Cuban Kitchen)

The recipes I have picked out for tomorrow I don’t know if I have ever had before but they should be reminiscent of the cuisine. They are… “Sopa de Plátano verde” (Green Plantain Soup) and “Crema de Maíz” (Cream of Corn).

Wish me luck and let me know which one you are most interested in seeing the recipe and pictures of in a future post!

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