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IKEA Kitchens
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Corn off the Cob

What a great day today! Started with an early morning walk to the Chriopractor, then some house cleaning. Once the house cleaning was done I was ready to start my Cuban Cooking I planned yesterday!

I started with the “Crema de Maíz”. Remember I took this recipe from a Cuban cookbook and translated it the […]

Missing Cuba

I am not sure what caused it but since yesterday I have been missing Cuba and my families there so much! I will talk about Cuba lots on future visits to see them, but to set the background for people that aren’t familiar with my Cuban adventures I will explain quickly.

I have two […]

My favorite food!

For the curious mind out there my favorite food is Nachos!

I love nachos so much that at times I will become slightly obsessed with them and find it hard to order, make or think about anything else. I love all the toppings! Love the guacamole, love the salsa, even love the jalapeños! But most […]

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