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Sunday Update

Welcome to readers from Belgium, Russia, and now Japan! :-)

My roller coaster weekend:

  • Friday was great, then it got bad, then it got great again. Seemed that set the tone for weekend. Saturday I had my third chiropractor appointment so my back was feeling great, but then I went to the cabin and performed a lot of back-breaking yard work with my mom. So I drove my sore back and scraped up body (from working in the bush) back to the city. Showered off, felt refreshed and headed to Club Fabulous for a BBQ. Today I slept in, watched some Sex and the City which actually bummed me out. A lot of stuff the girls are going through in Season 4 hit home with bombs that have been dropped on me lately. Being in a funk I got angry and worked off some steam roller-blading around Beaumaris lake. I was loving that and was about to make my 3rd lap in the 32 degree heat when I came around the corner and 15 teenage girls were standing on the path on BOTH sides of the yellow line. So I flew off into the grass and in my attempt not to fall I pulled my back again. So I got back in the car, came home and basically killed time until Big Brother. That was my crazy weekend. Now for some updates…

Sex and the City status:

  • I am fast approaching the end of Season 4 and will probably finish it tonight before bed. I loved watching Carrie find the ring that Aidan had in his gym bag to propose to her. She opens it up and immediately is sick to her stomach. Finally someone with more commitment issues that I have! LOL On the flip side of that I loved watching Carrie later on tell Aidan that she need him to not talk for 1 hour when she got home. He agreed and within about 30 seconds she got the quiet time she needed and crawled back into his arms. Commitment issues aside I would love to have that.

Big Brother quickie:

  • There is something about winning an HOH competition that just goes to a person’s head. Nobody ever seems to win Head of Household, enjoy the privilege, seek opinions from their alliances on who to put up on the block and leave it at that. Renny was no different. She got on her high horse, started to challenge and threaten her own friends. She really stirred the pot by pushing for Memphis at one point. In the end she put up April and Jerry. Ya, it is nice to see Jerry on the block but with against someone like April it would take a lot of work for him to go home. Good luck to April in the power of veto or following through on her plan to set Jerry off on someone so they get a reminder of how crazy he is.


  • Whooo Hooo Canada finally has some medals! They seemed to come in one swoop but we are now up to 7 medals which puts us now tied for 15th place (using Gold medals).

Neil’s Travel Tip #6:

  • Get in the habit of putting your leg through at least one strap of your backpack, daypack, or bag when you sit down (On the train, on the bus, at a park bench, sitting at a restaurant or cafe). Do this even at home so it becomes natural. There are many reasons for this act:
    • Thieves will grab someone else’s bag because yours is attached
    • It often keeps your bag from getting dirty laying flat on the ground
    • If you fall asleep on the train, bus, bench, picnic it is more likely it will be there when you wake up
    • When you get up to leave you will be sure to take it with you. I even do this when I get into a cab. You are already paying attention to so many other things it would be easy for you to get out of the cab and leave your bag.(This recently happened to a co-worker)

    If you have a small daypack and you are sitting for an extended period of time I recommend that you put one leg through each strap of your bag so it suspends between your legs. Give it a try, I guarantee that if the strap around your leg isn’t enough of a reminder, the first step you take will be something you won’t forget. 😉

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2 comments to Sunday Update

  • Well, I love the Stones. Monks and mockingbirds I can take or leave, I just needed words that started with M. What music would you put in your letter?

    Sorry about your back .My best friend had nerve problems in his back and the chiro helped him alot. I’ve never been to one, but I know people swear by them. My back is fine but my ass is broke :)

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    admin Reply:

    Well if you were looking for M words I would have started with Minogue (Kylie) of course or perhaps some Madonna (new stuff). LOL I need the techno, disco, dance stuff with speed and beat. It doesn’t even have to have good lyrics. I know that makes me superficial and unable to enjoy some of the greatest songs ever written but for me I feed off music and I can’t pull energy from a slow song.

    As for the back, just got back from the pool and it is feeling pretty good, I don’t think the weekend did to much harm. :-)

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