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All about backs

First of all, I am back and so is my back. I was ignoring my sore back because I have been busy lately and on Wednesday morning my back had ENOUGH! The pain was ridiculous and after 2 chiropractor sessions, 1 massage, a muscle relaxant and a drink I am feeling much better.

Second, Big Brother was back tonight and what a wonderful present for me that was. Libra was unanimously voted out of the house because everyone had Keesha’s back. This went along with the results from the poll in the last post. So sorry Nick, I know she entertained you (I think there is plenty more entertainment still in the house for you) and sorry Jimmy your bold soul sister is gone. One thing that surprised me is that I was glad to see Renny win HOH tonight. I don’t know if she is growing on me or if I was just happy that when it got down to two of them Renny won and Keesha didn’t.

Finally, referring back to the entry about my birthday plans I have landed on the 9 two hour parties and finalized most dates. Close friends in Edmonton & area will be receiving e-mail invites to the events I think they would most enjoy. For the curious reader here is the list of the 9 two hour parties I landed on.

  1. Drag Show
  2. Bubble Tea Date
  3. Casino Night
  4. Wing Wednesday Lounge Drop-in
  5. Friend Dinner
  6. Drinks after work
  7. Bar night
  8. Bowling
  9. Family Dinner

Final thoughts:
-Twenty-nine in Estonian is Kakskümmend üheksa (Learning my numbers right now)
-I might be able to enroll in Spanish Level 2 in the fall
-Big shout out to Christina and @ly for tremendous support and having my back!

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