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As promised…

Sorry to leave you hanging… LOL well maybe I’m not. I wanted everyone to experience what I had to go through that morning driving in my car.

Without further delay here is the story of the old lady and where she goes everyday on the bus.

Turns out that each morning (including weekends) she catches the bus to meet up with her girlfriends. They sit and have coffee, breakfast, read the paper and decide together what they are going to do for the day.

If you want to hear a recap of the story you can visit the link to the Pepper And Dylan show blog post where they have included the audio clip from their show.

I love that they plan their day together. People often laugh at me and tell me that I “can’t retire at 35”. I know that I could. But just in case I have started to say that I will be “financially free at 35”. Granted I am not anywhere close to that right now but that is my goal!

Now I haven’t talked to Nick yet for the rest of the story. So maybe if we are lucky he will post what happened when they told the lady they were from the radio station in the comments…

1 comment to As promised…

  • Nick

    Taste of your own medicine 😛

    Well apparently she was flooded with phone calls once she got home with people saying she was this lady they were following on the radio. So the next day when Dylan went to say hi she said he was a very very naughty boy! However apparently she wasn’t too upset. She said that she was going to bring something special for them today. Also apparenlty she has a new electric organ she bought and needs to sell… so if anyone is looking for one!

    I have only been able to listen to the radio off an on this morning and I have not heard anything more about it. Maybe she brought them a restraining order?? lol

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