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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library


You have all most likely seen your neighbourhood from space using Google Earth… You may have gotten precise directions using Google Maps… You might see where your friends are at this very moment on Google Latitude… You probably have even seen the outside of your house or your car parked in front of your place […]

Mirror, Mirror…

Do you ever catch a quick glimpse of yourself in the mirror seconds after your alarm goes off and think…

“WHOA !?! That guy is NOT happy he was woken up!”

PS Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (Did you know he was Italian?)


On my recent trip to Cuba my Uncle Liuan gave me two GIANT avocados from the tree in his back yard. I couldn’t believe that they were actually avocados when you compare them to what we get here in Canada. I wasn’t sure if Canadian customs would permit them into the country but my Uncle […]

A good mouthful

Because the reasons behind my being a vegetarian are more environmental, body health, and social responsible I really wanted to watch this video. It was 19 mins long but utterly facinating. If you have the time give it a watch. It is a feel good story in my eyes and provides hope. Especially after eating […]

A perfect day

First it was Sunday… normally Sunday’s are typically a “Neil Day”. However this day was totally different but just as awesome!

I woke up early (Still on Cuban time) I got a good start on the day, cleaned the house With inspiration from a friend I did the dishes and took care of my finances […]

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