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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

What does that look like?

15 lbs of Potatos 15 lbs of Turtle 15 lbs of Rice 15 lbs of Tomato 15 lbs of Burger

Ask Nick how excited I was when I weighed in this morning to see that I have now lost 15 lbs! All since I started using the iPod App “Lose It!” in early January. […]

Feel Good Monday!

This video gave me the warm and fuzzies so I decided I would schedule it to post automatically at 8:00 am Monday morning!

Hopefully it sets all of your week off on the right foot!

Things to watch for:

They get their groove on at 0:38 The girl starts to groove at 1:12 Their beautiful […]

For Her

While shopping for Volleyball Knee pads Jaala and I found what I think every Lady wants. 12 balls and a STUNNINGLY LONG and VELVETY SOFT Noodle+

For Him

While shopping for Volleyball Knee pads Jaala and I found 15 balls and a LONG & SOFT Noodle! Score!

Set back err neck

As reported earlier this week I had some issues with my neck. It is feeling much better now. After 3 trips to the chiropractor the pinched nerve in my neck has eased up some. This is awesome but it did set me back in my exercise routine including the push-up program.

I did however keep […]

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