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The Truth About Love

No sadly I don’t know the real truth about love and I am not about to impart it to you. šŸ™

Instead I bring you a movie review…

The Truth About Love (2004)Rating: ★★★★½

This British film with Jennifer Love Hewitt really hit the spot for me tonight. At first I thought it would be one of those same old love stories where something happens and you can see the rest of the plot from a mile away. This was not the case with this film.

Another thing that made this film work for me was I’ve had some disappointments in the past week or two. The last thing you want to see in that case is a sappy love story, a depressing story or something with too much drama. This film had enough real life to not seem fake or sappy, and had enough sweetness to cheer you up without being so sweet you want to brush your teeth.

It was filmed on location in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff all of which I haven’t visited yet therefore it had some scenery I haven’t seen before but some aspects that reminded me of London.

So in closing I recommend this film and bought it previously viewed so friends of mine you are welcome to borrow it.

Oh! One other thing. I picked up on some new vocabulary today I need to understand the proper use of. I think it must be localized to Cardiff or Wales because the first instance came from JakeyBoyX‘s blog. It was used in the context of staying home sick from work legitimately.

“Iā€™m not taking the piss, and there are plenty of piss-takers out there;”

My guess on that one would be similar to the term “Screwing the pooch” or “Fu*king the dog” meaning taking advantage of the system.

Then from the movie tonight they used sentence:

“You’re not going home to your beautiful wife?” “She’s out on the piss with her beautiful sister”

My guess on that usage would be like screwing the pooch but more “fooling around” or “hanging out”.

Now that I think about it we use many forms of “piss” here too:

  • Boy was she pissed off (Mad)
  • Piss-off! (Get out of here)
  • Pissing about (Doing nothing)
  • Boy am I pissed (Drunk)

Who knew that was so versatile? Jakey or any other UK readers want to clarify the Welsh/English meanings I took a guess at above?

2 comments to The Truth About Love

  • The meanings you state above are correct – and I’ve never heard of “screwing the pooch” or “f**king the dog” (if I’d heard those in dialogue I would have assumed a literal interpretation, and pulled a God-awful face!)
    And “out on the piss” means the same as “a night on the tiles” “out on the town” etc – specifically a night (or even day) out drinking and dancing etc.
    And “taking the piss” would be “taking advantage” in the context I used but primarily means “to make fun of”.
    “Jeremy was taking the piss out of you the other day”
    “He’s just sent me another email…he’s obviously taking the piss”

    And I’ve now said the phrase so many times in my head I’m not sure it’s English lol!!
    Have a great Thursday.


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    admin Reply:

    Awesome! Thanks Jakey! I can’t wait to try and use one of these in an appropriate situation and see what kinda pulled faces I get in reaction.

    My favorite is “a night on the tiles”. Now that I think of it I may have heard that one on Corrie.

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