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…And another one bites…

Another one bites the dust! Two to be exact!

So in my last Big Brother 10 update I stated my wishes for tonight’s DOUBLE EVICTION episode.

The heat is going to be on and in a perfect world I could only hope that he gets so vicious that Thursday, for the double eviction, Michelle goes home followed directly by Ollie.

Well I got my wish exactly! Like most double eviction episodes it was jam packed full of intense moments. Watching the HoH competition get down to Jerry and Keesha I was shaking in my boots for the outcome. It looked like Keesha was so stressed that she appeared to be having an anxiety attack. Then when her and Jerry were in the tie-breaker and they both answered 100 I thought she and I would both faint. In the end she pulled through.

Then like expected she put up Ollie and Jerry as nominees. Looking good so far but still a Power of Veto ceremony to complete. Again stressful but Dan stepped up and won the POV in no time flat!

Back into the house where the house guests voted to evict the ohhh so gloomy Ollie from the house. It was an amazing week watching Ollie self-destruct ensuring that no one would want him in the house. When the vote was announced he hopped up from his chair and bolted for the door. Even Julie Chen commented that he was the fastest houseguest to leave the house upon being evicted.

Knowing that we are now down to Memphis, Dan, Keesha, Renny, and Jerry makes me so happy! Right now as long as Jerry goes soon I would be happy with any of the four winning the game. Of course though I still favor Memphis and Dan.

Final 4

Forgetting about Jerry... Who is your favorite houseguest still in the game?

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