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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

3 good reasons…

WOW I just stumbled upon an amazing song and video!

This song is kind of appropriate for a couple reasons. One of my friends was having trouble sleeping the other night. I have been really finding some great techno/house songs lately and loving music. I too suited up for a run in the dark tonight […]

Baryonce Knowbama

I am so addicted and energized to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies” (Put a ring on it)! Rating:

This morning I knew would be good because it was the first song that greeted me when my alarm clock went off.

Then I come into work and Queenie has sent this hilarious, well-done, video across my […]

CD Listening Parties

Today was a wonderful and exciting day! I got two new CDs. I love them both very much.

First was Kylie Minogue’s new CD “Boombox” that I pre-ordered off of iTunes. I got a text message on my cell phone this morning letting me know it was ready for download so I made the very […]

Shutting down

As I reflect on this crazy time of year and the past few days I am experiencing a sense of system wide shut down.

There is the obvious closing out of 2008. I am one of the few people still at work these days, many co-workers have already shut down for the year and will […]

10 Years of Christina?

Nick lent me his new Christina CD to preview at work today and I decided while I critiqued it, I would share my thoughts with everyone in blogland.

Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better (A Decade Of Hits)Rating:

1) Genie In A Bottle – Not bad, I enjoyed the song, but it feels almost […]

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