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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

3 good reasons…

WOW I just stumbled upon an amazing song and video!

This song is kind of appropriate for a couple reasons. One of my friends was having trouble sleeping the other night. I have been really finding some great techno/house songs lately and loving music. I too suited up for a run in the dark tonight […]

My Car is SO DIRTY!

As it happens with the spring roads here, the massive puddles, and pot holes my car is in fact filthy. However thanks to this seemingly French? artist even if my car wasn’t dirty I would be doing my best to make it dirty ASAP.

I so want to learn the dance they all do […]

Baryonce Knowbama

I am so addicted and energized to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies” (Put a ring on it)! Rating:

This morning I knew would be good because it was the first song that greeted me when my alarm clock went off.

Then I come into work and Queenie has sent this hilarious, well-done, video across my […]

CD Listening Parties

Today was a wonderful and exciting day! I got two new CDs. I love them both very much.

First was Kylie Minogue’s new CD “Boombox” that I pre-ordered off of iTunes. I got a text message on my cell phone this morning letting me know it was ready for download so I made the very […]

Skinny Dipping till it hurts!

OMG so much fun tonight! I just got home at 5:00 am after a hilarious night! The day started out innocent enough, I slept in, blogged a bit, went to a movie with a friend, came home, went for left over Christmas supper at another friends and I thought maybe I was done for the […]

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