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Just got back from the press screening of The International” (2009)
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

It started out a great movie, what appeared to be a great plot. From that moment on the movie was OK. A couple of surprising scenes but then we got into a number of scenes that really needed to be tightened up. It dragged on and on and felt like a very long movie. It was the normal 2 hours but the scenes were hard to stay involved in near the end.

I looked around and saw many people checking their watches and I was one of them. Then as the crowd poured out of the theater and spoke to the Sony Pictures Rep I listened in. Seems the consensus was “ummm good movie, but kinda slow in parts”, “it was ok but kinda dragged”, “Clive Owen, even though kinda scruffy in the movie was good, but I found the movie to be kinda slow”.

Seems like tonight I was with the crowd. According to the net though it has been rated 8/10. Go figure, and the movie I LOVED the other night “He’s just not that into you” is rated on the net at 6.5/10. You be the judge but my vote would be “The International” can wait for DVD when you are at home sick.

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