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We’ve got a screamer!

The plan was to stay at the New York New York Casino for two nights, then move to the Sahara. Long, long story, but the internet set-up at the Sahara casino wasn’t compatible with my work laptop so…. after working outside in 40 degree heat on a Starbucks patio for 2 hours so I could hear on my phone calls, 1 hour in the hotel room with a technician, 1 hour on the phone with the Vegas phone company, and 1 hour on the phone with our tech guys at work I had to leave the Sahara and return to NY NY. So this is where I finish out the last 7 days of this trip. Nice that I am staying at a nice hotel, but bad that I am paying more…

Check out this video view from my room!

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  • Michelle M.

    I think I have that penguin thing. My is not a game it was a toy they climbed up the stairs and then slid down, I still have it I love it, my grandma bought it for me at the Sands store in Clareview.

    Hope Matt Dusk put on a good show for you last night, fly home safe!

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