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Running for Raisin Bread

Annnnnd…. we’re back! I am back from Vegas, the header images are back (big brother post to follow soon), and I am back on my diet/workout plan using Lose it! on the iPhone.

The summer break has been good, but my body has rested enough. I have slid back as far as I want to and I am ready to charge forward again. Today was the first day back using the app and it worked like a charm. I had used all my calories by 5:30pm today after supper and I knew that I wanted to have raisin bread as a snack before bed. So in order for that to happen I grabbed the app, checked the different exercises and decided on running. Off to the Kinsmen leisure center and ran the track there just long enough to burn enough calories to eat my raisin bread! It has never tasted so good. I am pretty tired now and am off to bed to watch “Bachelor Pad” and “Dating in the Dark”. More updates to follow including a redo of the Fitness and Nutrition page…

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