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Zero to Fun!

Today was a nasty, nasty day at work and freaking cold out. Really had me down. However some of these great conversations or warnings from friends helped to cheer me up! Enjoy…

“What night is the bachelor party?” “Ummmm Every night!” “Oooo good point, why just have one night of drunken debauchery “

I hope you find an awesome kite!

There’s a tiger in the bathroom!!! haha Have a great time!

Maybe you will come back straight, with tattoos!!

Just make sure i dont see ur pic on the newspaper when u were drunk dancing all over Vegas!

Have fun in Vegas and don’t forget: what happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas, EXCEPT for STDs…!!!

You have soooo to tell me what happened if you can remember. (Hint #2: no ghb, benzos, lsd and other shit. more like: amphetamines and coke and vodka and strippers and “I’m all in” and “yyeeEEEEHEHEHE$$$ i won, hand me the coke, the vodka and the whore”)

Yes, in case you were wondering, those are all real quotes from real friends LOL Their names have been removed to protect their thoughts from being made public. Love you all!

I leave for Vegas at 5:00am in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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