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No free soy?

The only thing Starbucks about a Starbucks at the airport is the coffee.  No service, no rewards program, no cup sleaves, no free Internet.  However the did still manage to surprise and delight me.  I was surprise that my coffee was extra hot even though I ordered it extra hot.  Yum & Yowzers!  

Funny how I already feel entitled to my free soy and it just started. The reason why this Sbucks is different is it is a licensed store. Also being at the airport the prices are higher too.

2 comments to No free soy?

  • Matt Hall

    Hey Neil,

    Sorry about your experience at the Starbucks at the airport. We are working with our individual licensees to get them aboard our Starbucks Rewards program. As noted in your blog it is a licensed location so HMS Host, not Starbucks, would have to absorb the cost of the free beverage components. We are working with our individual licensees to find a solution to the Starbucks Rewards program within our licensed stores but unfortunately this is not an easy fix. I will pass on the information in regards to the cup sleeves and service issues.

    Have a great time in Vegas and when you get back I will have a Starbucks card waiting for you.

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    admin Reply:

    Hey Matt, Good to know they are working towards a fix. I can understand how that would be no easy task but a fix would be good because as customers a brand is a brand. Regardless of who is behind the brand consumers expect equality at all locations. Also each customer in line doesn’t realize that the previous 1,000 customers have asked about cup sleeves so they shouldn’t be barked at “WE HAVE NO SLEEVES, I GAVE YOU A DOUBLE CUP” LOL

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