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47 freaking push-ups!

That is definitely a lifetime record for me! As my arms are trembling I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you all about a new page on EatingLifeUp. I know that some of you have already found it but for others it is a subtle change you might not have seen with the entire site change.

If you look at the very top left hand side of the blog there is a “Fitness & Nutrition” tab now. There are a few different sections on that page that will be changing as we move forward but one of the sections right now is the “100 push-up challenge”. You can read more about it there. So far in that challenge I am just barely making it each night and I am excited to see the results as it unfolds. Tonight after my last set I was so spent that I didn’t have the strength to lift myself off the floor right away.

I love how the new page is made up of many items that all of you inspire me to do. Kent for the push-ups, Lee for the Lose It!, Cody for the Volleyball, and my friend Becca for the courage to post my stats on the side.

With over 12,000 visits to this site now, from 4,500 visitors, in 92 countries all over the world that is a lot of people to be accountable to! With all of you I know I can achieve my goals.


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