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3, 2, 1 Happy New Decade!

Michelle brought it to my attention that we are approaching the start of a new decade! Not just a new year. She also seemed frustrated that this doesn’t seem to be getting the appropriate amount of hype. As such, I decided to blog it. Get the word out!

Along with that recognition, Michelle and I were talking about Parties. Doing something fun for New Years is always awesome… when it works LOL!

I have been to some pretty horrible New Years Eve parties and some that surprised me and rocked! I always have this idea in my head for how the perfect party should unfold and that probably sets most of them up for failure.

Here is my New Years Eve party DO’s and DON’Ts:

  • DO drunk dial at midnight! My favorite is when I phone people and wish them a “Happy Birthday!”
  • DO Have a great meaningful text message ready to be forwarded to all your friends before the ball drops.
  • DON’T go to a party that you have zero chance of finding a good kiss at. Example a gay guy going to a party that only has straight girls.
  • DON’T get naked before midnight. Others at the party might not be ready yet.
  • DO flirt with me!
  • DON’T touch me unless asked to.
  • DON’T eat too much, especially if it has pot luck or buffet.
  • DO stay hydrated!
  • DO last a minimum of 3 seconds on the midnight kiss if you are dating or married to the person you are kissing.
  • DON’T last 3 seconds on the midnight kiss if you just met the person or aren’t dating them. The 12:05 am kiss however can be much longer if the 12:00am kiss went well 😉

That list was fun to create, and I could keep going but I think those are the most important. So you might ask if I am going to a New Years Eve party? Not yet and I usually don’t commit until I found the right option for me. If you don’t have the right option to have a 25% chance at fun, then if you ask me cuddled up at home with a movie is better than going somewhere in the cold, not having fun, getting drunk, and being upset or frustrated.

PS: DON’T ask me to go stand outside in a square in -30 weather with 1,000s of people I don’t know.

4 comments to 3, 2, 1 Happy New Decade!

  • Jaala

    Great list Neil! I thought the third one was funny…and could go the other way also!
    Cheers to a new decade!

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  • Michel

    DON’T ask me to go to a bar 😛

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    admin Reply:

    LOL I am not opposed to the bar, but I am not often for it either. Especially if it is cold out. It would also depend on who I was going with. Going single with 3 couples, not going to be a good night LOL

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  • Michelle M.

    Honest to god it is like New Year’s doesn’t even exist until Christmas is over, I have been mentioning the whole New Decade thing and people are all like…”oh yeah New Year’s is coming”. Finding a good way to ring in the new decade might be harder than I thought but I am still working on it. If not a movie and the couch works for me too!

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