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Nakakamanghang Party!

AMAZING PARTY! I was overwhelmed with the effort and enthusiasm of the team at the party on Saturday night! Beyond the dance numbers, the singing, the live bands (yes multiple!) there was a pagent to kick the night off. I was one of the lucky judges that had the hard task of picking the winner. We had to judge the performers based on Stage Presence, Audience Impact, How well they represented their “country” and also how well they answered the questions from the judges in the Q&A section. I had a 4 way tie out of 13 different countries. In the end Miss Japan took the title. Then the DANCING started!

Here is a video compilation of my pictures and videos from that night.

We danced so hard, had so much fun and I made many new friends. Did you know that in the Philippines the party really starts around 12 midnight and runs till 6 am. This party ended around 1:30-2 am and it spilled out into different venues. Stacy and I spilled out into our hotels because we had a big day planned on Sunday but I totally wanted to keep going.

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