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Kicked by two horses

Friday night after training Percy & Brandy took us out shopping and to experience some night life. We hit up the famous Green Hills shopping area known for it’s knock-off purses, and various other knock-off items. I think for me though the highlight of Green Hills was stopping by Brandy’s food kiosk where he makes these incredible veggie sandwiches! I did buy a few things there though.

My biggest problem with all of the shopping is that I DON’T FIT ANY THING! That is really a blessing in disguise though. I can’t buy the crazy cool knock-off shoes because they only go up to size 12. I can’t buy most of the shirts because even the XL’s are small. And I definitely can’t buy the amazing jeans they have here because they are all way too short. I haven’t lost hope yet because we have one more big mall to check out.

HOWEVER… I did go nuts at Metro Walk. Percy knows a DVD vendor there and I bought 26 DVDs!!!! With the exception of a Kylie concert DVD I bought all full season box sets! So the commercial equivalent would probably be around 160 DVDs! Sad to say I don’t think I am done yet LOL

Tonight is the big work party! (The girls are making us late getting ready so I decided to write this post) Tomorrow is the trip to the volcano with the lake!

Ohhhh I completely forgot. The reason this post is called Kicked by two horses is I drank a beer here called “Red Horse” it is a very strong beer that they market as “You will feel like you have been kicked by a horse”. Combined with jet lag it only took two and I was GONE!!!!!!!!

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