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Butt prints…

From watching CSI I know that tongue prints can be used like finger prints but I am now curious about butt prints.

I was having a fabulous day of shopping at West Edmonton Mall with Michelle and we managed to do a good hit and run of the mall in 2.5 hours. I snagged some awesome 70% off deals at Tommy Hilfiger and was just enjoying getting out for some window browsing. OK back to the butt prints…

This shopping trip found me wearing a jockstrap. Not underwear that I would normally choose to wear to the mall because you know you will be in and out of clothes and you will have sales people and / or friends poking around your waistline. While I managed to avoid most mishaps, there was one new one I discovered in an unnamed store’s change room. I had my foot half way into a pair of dress pants when I got stuck and fell backwards into the mirror! Thanks to my jockstrap I left the most perfect butt print you could imagine LOL

I thought of leaving it there to let future customers imagine that someone got lucky pressed up against the mirror in the change room but in the end the Virgo inside me erased all evidence.

File this one with all the other em”BareAss”ing stories that I just can’t keep to myself.

6 comments to Butt prints…

  • Michel

    ahahahaha kinda reminds me of one night at the roost when you were tying your shoes… 😛

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    admin Reply:

    LOL funny how you remember that and it gets me nearly everytime!

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  • Michelle M.

    This story is just as funny as it was when you told it to me on Saturday, I am glad that you decided to post it. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

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    admin Reply:

    Exactly! I enjoy keeping my life a pretty open book. If I can give other people a bit of a laugh why not. If I share stuff like this though imagine the stuff I do keep private LOL

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  • Marcus

    Hello, I am a jockstrap enthusiast and your web-site came up in my google blog alerts for keyword jockstrap. Are you planning to post pictures and or video of yourself in the jockstrap? Your story is pretty hot but could use some visuals! Also a few more details of why you were wearing a jockstrap. Are you an athlete? Keep up the jockstrap stories!

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  • LOL thanks for your awesome comment Marcus! Like I responded to Michelle’s comment above my life is pretty open. You will often find stories of this nature here but as of yet underwear pictures and videos haven’t been posted. Some of the readers of this blog are co-workers and friends and while some of them may have seen my jockstraps or streaking around campfires I don’t know that all of them want to see them on the net LOL

    PS when I do wear them it is cause I like them or they feel comfy. I will also wear them running or at the gym, sometimes at the pool depending on the swim trunks.

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