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Running for Raisin Bread

Annnnnd…. we’re back! I am back from Vegas, the header images are back (big brother post to follow soon), and I am back on my diet/workout plan using Lose it! on the iPhone.

The summer break has been good, but my body has rested enough. I have slid back as far as I want to […]


OK this Big Brother post shall serve as a warning that I plan to reverse my blogging strategy. It is too hard not to blog about what I just finished watching. Starting with Sunday’s episode EatingLifeUp will be updated in the banner and in my blog posts as soon as I watch the show. However […]


After watching tonight’s episode of big brother I have to ask myself if these houseguests have ever watched an episode of Big Brother?

One classic game mistake after another. Sulking and pulling away from the group, when you need to be right with them, being nice with no hard feelings. Making out in front of […]

More definition

Well you can see in the banner that tonight’s episode helped me put some more definition into my rankings for Big Brother Houseguests. 8 is now the lowest rank instead of 7 but less people are tied for 1st and 2nd place. Andrew in this episode traded places for last place over Matt because I […]

Big Brother Take Over

The Saboteur twist has hit in addition to the Big Brother game this season! For the time being the site banner will be the home of my rankings and feelings toward the houseguests (based solely on how much I like or dislike them), my guesses throughout the game, and player standings. I will not […]

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