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Look at all the bottoms!

I am soooo proud of you all! The post “Bottoms Up” was very popular and you came up with an additional 6 more English language words used to refer to a “BUTT”. With all the comments on that post I was loosing track and decided to post an updated version with your new words.

Note: After some debate and a confirmation from another American I am accepting the entry of “Can” as the 30th word 🙂

# Word # Word # Word
1 Butt 11 Bottom 21 Rear
2 Rump 12 Derrière 22 Badonkadonk
3 Tush 13 Bum 23 Backside
4 Ass 14 Cheeks 24 Bootay
5 Posterior 15 Seat 25 Moneymaker – by JoJo
6 Glutes 16 Caboose 26 Trunk – by Miguel
7 Hiney 17 Buttocks 27 Behind – by Michel
8 Keistor 18 Fanny 28 Tail – by Jimmy
9 Buns 19 Gluteus Maximus 29 Tuchus – by Fermat
10 Booty 20 Arse 30 Can – by Jimmy


Anyone have number 31?

Statue Butt

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