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Bottoms Up

Or rather your time to think about bottoms is up! You may remember last Sunday I wrote about my discovery in a hostel that the English language has A LOT of words for referring to a “BUTT”.

Well I told you then that I was able to come up with 23 words and I would disclose them today. Since no one was able to come up with more than 23 words I am now challenging you to see if you had a word that is missing from my list…

# Word # Word # Word
1 Butt 11 Bottom 21 Rear
2 Rump 12 Derrière 22 Badonkadonk
3 Tush 13 Bum 23 Backside
4 Ass 14 Cheeks 24 Bootay
5 Posterior 15 Seat Statue Butt
6 Glutes 16 Caboose
7 Hiney 17 Buttocks
8 Keistor 18 Fanny
9 Buns 19 Gluteus Maximus
10 Booty 20 Arse

Well would you look at that! In typing up the post I managed to find one more word! The challenge is to you now. Can you think of number 25?

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