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I have a dream

To own a fridge that can dispense Ice, both Crushed and Cubed. Oh and water would be nice too, but Ice is the priority.


That is all!

2 months…

A friend of mine in Spain pointed out that in only 2 months time I will be on the plane to Paris, France to begin my European tour!

That means even less than that till I am hanging with my buds in Montreal! So I got the bug to do some more booking of hostels […]

Ahhh Euphemisms!

This blog started off being a rant about Charmin Toilet Tissue commercials and their crazy claims about annoying tissues being left behind… REALLY???? Does that happen to anyone?

Wait don’t answer that. But I can say that has never been a top issue and determining factor for me when buying toilet paper. Maybe it’s […]

Favorite Tweets

So for all of you that still aren’t on twitter I thought I would bring you some of my favorite tweets that made me laugh!

917thebounce it’s nice out and i have jo bro tickets later… somebody will be happy about that. johncmayer I have a ton of junk e-mail to reply to. “Dear Lester […]

Fries & Apple Pies Showdown

Some of you may remember a very early post on “A large fries and two apple pies“.

Well the other day I was thinking about which of those two things are worse… (say I wanted to cut one out… Not like I have them often anymore but still…) LOL

Turns out they are almost equally […]

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