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Fries & Apple Pies Showdown

Some of you may remember a very early post on “A large fries and two apple pies“.

Well the other day I was thinking about which of those two things are worse… (say I wanted to cut one out… Not like I have them often anymore but still…) LOL

Turns out they are almost equally evil:

Measurement Large Fries Two Apple Pies Winner
Calories 560! 540! Fries
Fat 27! 32! Pies
Fat % of daily value 42! 50! Pies
Sodium 430! 400! Fries
Carbs 74 68 Fries
Protein 6! 4 Pies

Hmmmm perhaps they both need to be permanently removed from the diet. For now, I will switch on and off. I have already cut out ALL meat, and ALL caffeine.

PS Note that a large fries has 6 grams of Protein people! I am telling you, I do get protein, despite the fact we don’t need as much as we think we do. LOL

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