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Ahhh Euphemisms!

This blog started off being a rant about Charmin Toilet Tissue commercials and their crazy claims about annoying tissues being left behind… REALLY???? Does that happen to anyone?

Charmin Pieces

Wait don’t answer that. But I can say that has never been a top issue and determining factor for me when buying toilet paper. Maybe it’s a female thing? Personally I am Purex boy… just saying, come to my house and you are getting “Pillowy soft”

But then I found this commercial! OMG I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at this one. Pay real close attention!

I challenge each of you to spot one Euphemism in the above video and list them in the comments. One per person. Let’s see how many they hid in there. Seeing how this is a British ad we might have to lean on our friends in the UK for some help.

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