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IKEA Kitchens
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Break-ups & Support nets

I can’t begin to figure out where to start with this post. The emotions are still so fresh that it is hard to nail them down in a blog-worthy, respectful, mini compilation. Over a month ago I started down the journey of a new relationship and I have been bringing you all stories and status […]

I’ve stopped counting

It doesn’t seem to make sense to keep counting the dates when you are officially boyfriends… That’s right I said BOYFRIENDS! LOL

As of Friday night Marcus and I covered the “boyfriends” talk. Ooooo and for those of you that have been on pins and needles waiting, the mystery man of my blog posts is […]

9th date & counting

Things have been progressing at a nice pace for me with my new relationship. It seems funny writing this blog because I now know he is a reader of the site. We will use the all powerful descriptive word of “He” for now since I forgot to ask him if I can use his real […]

Dating Poll…

How do you view dating? (Select all that apply)

A process that leads to one of two endings A way to pass time with people / make friends If the first or second date isn’t magical then it is over If they are nice I give it a couple weeks to see where it will lead
A good opportunity to make out / have sex with a face and a name
Dating… what’s that?
Scariest thing on earth!
Other (if other, please add a comment)

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Don’t be a douchebag

Over the next little bit I intend to bring you all into my dating world a bit. I figure if I am crying, you guys should at least be laughing right?

So tonight I come home and a guy (let’s call him Dink) messages me on a dating website. His message didn’t contain a body, […]

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