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¡La Corriente!

Home safe and sound!

I had a great trip to Cuba with 7 days of sun and clear skies and after many flight delays I made it home last night at 11 pm. I have many great experiences and of course pictures to share over the next few days. Right now I am going to keep this post short because I am fighting a cold and I’m exhausted after working all day today.

So back to the title of this post… Corriente! One of many new Spanish words I added to my vocabulary this trip. Corriente means current, this applies to current in the ocean, which I will cover in a future post, but it also means electrical current. The power went out 2 times at my friend’s house but not nearly as long or as often as it has in past years. This was my first introduction to “Corriente”.

On the morning of my last day I was provided my final lesson on the word Corriente. I asked Liuba if I could heat up a cup of water for my sore throat. She handed me a small metal cup of water and we placed it on the hot plate. After waiting a bit for it to heat up I tested the water with my finger. CORRIENTE!!!!!! Apparently because I wasn’t wearing my sandals to ground me in the kitchen I received a surge of electricity from the hot plate, through the cup, through the water, up my finger and into my arm. One heck of a way to wake up let me tell you!

What did I learn? When cooking in Cuba, wear rubber soled sandals! Oh and the word “Corriente”!

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