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Avocados Antiguan Style

I was missing Vivi and dreaming of Antigua the other day so in honour of her and her mom I grabbed an avocado and decided to eat it in the fashion they did during my stay last September on the island. It is so simple, yet so delicious! Often with a meal they would slice avocado wedges, sprinkle pepper on the slices and eat! The taste is so fresh and of course more amazing when the avocado was a gift from the neighbours tree vs Safeway!


And look how easy the skin pulls away!


*HUGS Vivi, Eta, y tu también Camille*

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  • Michelle M.

    You have inspired me to give Avocados another try, I don’t know that I have ever actually just eaten one but next time I am at Safeway I am going to pick one up and give it a shot.

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